Year-end account analysis visits

Digital cartoon of farmer with Financial Farm Management account consultant.

Your Financial Farm Management account end-of-year report has now been prepared, and is ready for you to examine.

Analyse your account’s report with a specialist

As a Promar customer, you can request a visit from one of our farm consultants, who will:

  • Go over your end-of-year report with you, giving you expert analysis, insight and interpretation based on the business data generated by your account
  • Fast-track your knowledge and provide you with evidence of your business’ direction of travel, and help you to avoid any pitfalls
  • Discover, discuss and work up strategies for your business based on your data, in accordance with your overall aims

Expert analysis – at no extra cost

Did you know that you can access your one-to-one, in-person analysis via the Defra-funded Future Farm Resilience Fund (FFRF)? This means that you can obtain deep analysis, collaborative advice and help at no extra cost.

Find out about the Defra Future Farm Resilience Fund (FFRF).

Already using FFRF? You can still access no-charge analysis

If you are already using FFRF, you may still be eligible for a no-charge end-of-year report analysis with one of our consultants. To discuss this, please either call your local Promar consultant, or fill out the form on our Contact us page, or ring us on 01270 616800.